Engaging with smallholder farmers by tailoring solutions that can prevent food spoilage, and crop yield loss via the deployment of smart sensor technologies. Creating protein supplements using organic waste. Tilapia fish farming using the aquaponic technique. All in all, we wish to create inclusive technology that will better aid the community with their livelihood
Lighting Solutions
Creating a potential assembly line with a wide range of solar products that will provide lighting solutions to rural settlements in the community. Locally assembled, cost-effective, and durable products ranging from flashlights all the way to street lighting
Vocational programs tailored toward hands-on learning using the STEAM-based curriculum. Focused towards creating prototypes through a variety of digital fabrication techniques towards product/service mockups as well as engaging classroom projects
Deployment of electric vehicle solutions that will cater to providing employment opportunities for the community. Vehicles will range between 2, 3, or 4 wheelers offering a wide range of services including transportation for passengers, logistics, including transportation for passengers, logistics, delivery, and more
Community Development
Enabling existing groups of community members working in various sectors of interest to create sustainable and scalable business entities. Engaging with women groups in particular to promote gender equality in the workforce via training programs and outreach visits identifying areas of development and improvement
Creating assistive and inclusive technology for people with disabilities has been amongst the priority of our objectives. The areas of development and prototyping include the fetoscope, wireless alert patient-nurse system, modular wheelchairs as well as 3D printed prosthetics for amputees. We are now looking at tailoring these solutions to fit custom requirements of patients at the same time have the community members with these physical impairments build along with us