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StemCafe Program

The STEM Cafe program embodies the spirit of learning with passion and curiosity. This exciting initiative has brought together four countries, including Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, and Tanzania, in a friendly competition to foster innovation and STEM education. Based in Tanzania, we’ve carefully selected two diverse schools to participate: Kisutu Girls Secondary School and Tambaza Secondary School. Each school has contributed 25 enthusiastic students to embark on this remarkable nine-month journey. Throughout the program, students will undergo ideation, prototyping, and the creation of tangible solutions to address pressing community challenges. What makes STEM Cafe particularly special is its emphasis on gender equality and equal access to opportunities. We are proud to offer a level playing field where all students can engage with technology and learning, regardless of gender, to harness their potential. At the program’s culmination, our participants will have the chance to present their innovations on both national and international platforms, eagerly awaiting the announcement of winners among the four participating countries.

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