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Electric motorcycles with 220kg load capacity

Another focus area, catering to the basic needs of people on a day to day basis is transportation. Given the rising cost of fuel, community members are challenged with rising costs in commuting back and forth from their homes to their work places. Some of these trips involve people getting on and off multiple stations on daily basis before reaching their final destination.

Tanga region mainly see’s riders on two and three wheelers, from bicycles all the way to three wheeler’s ( also known as ‘bajaji’ ). We began by developing and retro- fitting a bicycle with electric parts. After successfully doing so, we worked on motorcycles with the capacity of carrying 220kg in load with a coverage of 45-60km. Ensuring driver/passenger safety, we limited the speed to a maximum of 60km/hr. Coming to realise that adding some unique custom features would allow drivers to carry more passengers, we designed ‘add-on’ attachable carriages that could be put on and off if and when needed based on community member needs.

All in all, we were able to meet the community of local bikers who, in total, signed a petition of being able to attain these vehicles with support from the city council. In total, 305 bikers, including both men and women signed the petition. Our new focus has now been on developing two/three electric wheeler wheelchairs that would enable people with physical impairment to earn a livelihood from services they could render to passengers with these customizations.


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