Developing Community lead initiative

Empowering the people with relevant training and expertise in various sectors of interest towards the successful establishment of co-operatives. Co-operatives are startups that are built up from ground zero based on the interest and sector focus of every individual





About us

Innovative Community Ecosystems

The project was launched in early 2021 with its focus towards identifying a particular area/region of interest that would be pivotal in demonstrating the operating model dependent on the sector of interest and the engagement of the community members themselves


Co-operatives are community lead startups and initiatives based on the sector and interest of the members of the community

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On the joyful occasion of TME Day, celebrating the 7th anniversary of TME Education, we embarked on a week-long extravaganza that culminated in a memorable closing ceremony filled with both …

TEKLA 2023

TEKLA is an extraordinary event dedicated to inspiring girls to explore the world of technology on their own terms, fostering an environment where all roles are accessible and attainable. We …

During the Minister of Education, Science, and Technology’s recent visit to our Fab Lab, he expressed great interest in our innovative work, particularly in the realm of e-mobility. The locally …


What The Community Says

“Innovation is not just about technology, or coming up with good ideas.. They get that at TOIO, combining technology, knowledge, persistence and perhaps most important of all, the local communities and a true human touch of inclusiveness.”

Jean-Michel Molenaar Fab Academy

"At TOIO it is all about creating a better environment for youth engaging in tech and building a brighter future for the country in tech. Innovation and technology is the best combo towards development."

Sahil Abdulalim Intern

"TOIO is where passion and innovation meet commitment to empower, equip, support and build a young generation of change makers who are dedicated to sustainable development"

Doreen LM international

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